The Cloud is eCommerce man!

I don’t normally like to plug ZDNet but I liked this article because it explains some definitions of virtual computing and how Australian businesses fail to grasp what it means to their business.

I would also like to add that usage of the the term the “Cloud” is now expired. I have observed more commentary that ridicules the term “Cloud” than have sung its praises and more often when I hear people talking about the “Cloud” I use it as a tool to determine if the speaker really knows what they are talking about. If they don’t talk about the “Cloud” in a joking fashion then I discount what they are saying and consider their commentary to be at someone other than myself.

The way we talk about the “Cloud” now is very similar to the way we talked about eCommerce in the 1990s. Its the latest buzzword and if hearing the term eCommerce now doesn’t make you cringe then you wont ever understand how meaningless the term “Cloud” really is.


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