iOS11 and Field Test Mode


Saving for future reference via How to Use Field Test Mode in iOS 11 and iPhone X

A mapping (no not a Swardley thing) of On Prem, AWS and Azure Security Components


A useful one pager to compare the various security products of AWS, Azure and the usual on-prem suspects/capabilities.

via Conceptual Mapping of On-premises Infrastructure Security Components to Cloud Security Services by Adrian Grigorof CISSP, CISM, CRISC,CCSK – physical, providers, security function | Peerlyst

I’ve found a name for the way I like to work


Dynamic work design is a more effective method of managing workflow, especially intellectual work, says MIT Sloan senior lecturer Donald Kieffer.

via The 4 principles of dynamic work design

Spectre 2.0


More Spectre like goodness in the pipeline. I suspect the Cloud platforms are madly patching their millions of servers as we speak.

And to think, people still like to run their own tin.

If your patching processes haven’t matured this FY (WannaCry, Spectre v1 and now v2) then you’re doing it wrong.

Despite positive first quarter results for 2018, Intel faces continuing issues with its foundries, both with the oft-delayed 10nm, as well as its own modem production in 14nm. Intel revealed in the earnings conference call that volume 10nm manufacturing had been delayed to 2019, without specifying which part of the year.

Source: Intel Foundries Continue to Face Issues and Another Spectre-Like Vulnerability Disclosure May Be Looming

SysAdmin1138: Systemd dependencies


There is a lot of hate around Systemd in unixy circles. Like, a lot . There are many reasons for this, a short list: For some reason they felt the need to reimplement daemons that have existed for years. And are finding the same kinds of bugs those older daemons found and squashed over a decade ago.

Source: SysAdmin1138: Systemd dependencies

Anti-Phonetic Alphabet


The Phonetic Alphabet is a common radio operators guide to clearly spelling words when the signal strength is poor or the sounds are similar. A quick Google will show you the list of words.

Whats funnier is that there is an Anti-Phonetic Alphabet which will confuse and annoy people. Well done whoever put this together.

Where to start when you’re putting stuff into Azure


Stumbled upon this page a few weeks back when looking for approaches to how Azure Subscriptions and tenancies can be established and governed well.

via Best practices for enterprises moving to Azure | Microsoft Docs