Update Synology DNS records from DHCP IP address reservation – GitHub – gclayburg/synology-diskstation-scripts



Ive had Synology devices running my core home network services for a few years now and it has always frustrated me that some sort of DHCP/DNS integration wasnt possible. Recently though this because more frustrating because I setup a Raspberry Pi on my home LAN and installed Pi-Hole.

Pi-Hole did the needful thing and helped enormously. The problem though was that the Pi-Hole logs only showed the clients IP address, not the computer name. Pi-Hole can do reverse look ups for client IP addresses but only if your DNS server has the in-addr.arpa zone setup and data in the zone file. Because Synology DNS and DHCP aren’t integrated then clients wouldn’t have their names registered in DNS and Pi-Hole couldn’t resolve the reverse lookup for the machines IP address.

I finally found a magic script to fix this. See GitHub – gclayburg/synology-diskstation-scripts: Update Synology DNS records from DHCP IP address reservation.

Dead easy to setup and works like a charm.

Activating Telstra OneNumber on a business account.


I have this morning managed to activate Telstra OneNumber on my iPhone which uses my employers business account. This completes an enquiry I lodged with Telstra back in January.

For anyone else who wants to do this you must:

  1. Ensure you have the authority and/or password for the business account to change services on the account. See your account owner.
  2. Make a note of your company’s ACN/ABN. You might be asked for it.
  3. Make a note of the address your company has on record with Telstra.
  4. Called Telstra on 132000. You must specifically request the activation of OneNumber on a business account.
  5. The operator will take some information from you and advise you that you will get a call back in 5-7 business days. You will also be given a case number. Do make a record of this.
  6. You will be given instructions on what to do in case Telstra doesn’t call you back.
  7. You will not be told that when(if?) Telstra does call you back that you will need the password on the business account. Make sure you have it ready for later.
  8. After 5-7 days Telstra will call you back and manually sign up your service thats attached to the Business account. You will be read some T&Cs, you will be read a risk statement. You must verbally accept these on the phone.
  9. You can then restart your iPhone, open the Watch App and activate the service.

I wont make any comments about this process and how long it took for me to be told about it.