AWS Tagging Strategies – AWS Answers


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New – Use an AWS Transit Gateway to Simplify Your Network Architecture


It is safe to say that Amazon Virtual Private Cloud is one of the most useful and central features of AWS. Our customers configure their VPCs in a wide variety of ways, and take advantage of numerous connectivity options and gateways including AWS Direct Connect (via Direct Connect Gateways ), NAT Gateways , Internet Gateways , Egress-Only Internet Gateways , VPC Peering , AWS Managed VPN Connections , and PrivateLink .

VMware Fusion 11.0.1 Release Notes



Fusion patches for the vmxnet3 VM escape exploit and the problem where Fusion fails to start if another virtualisation tool was running before Fusion starts.

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Faith in Humanity has received an additional skill point


I wanted to offer a big thank you to someone who will never read this.

We had that unfortunate event last week where someone clipped the drivers side mirror on our car. The mirror assembly was snapped right off and the glass shattered.

Fortunately, the person who did this was a professional driver who ensured that the mirror housing was recovered and placed on the car and also left an apologetic note with their contact details.

My first thought was of course that the contact details left are probably not real. We’ve had this problem before where someone damaged our car, left a note with their number but somehow managed to leave one digit off their number. Yay.

I called the number on the note and spoke to Mohammed. He was very apologetic and immediately offered to pay to have it repaired without involving insurance. I got some quotes for the repair, sent them to him, he transferred the money to us and we got the mirror fixed.

Neat, simple and quick.

I wanted to put a huge thank you out there to Mohammed for this ownership of the accident and the prompt fixing of it.

GitHub Universe 2018: Low Key Revolutionary – James Governor’s Monkchips


GitHub Universe 2018: Low Key Revolutionary – James Governor’s Monkchips
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The 2018 DevOps RoadMap – Hacker Noon


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The Key to Becoming a Software Consultant – DaedTech


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