AWS Tagging Strategies – AWS Answers


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New – Use an AWS Transit Gateway to Simplify Your Network Architecture


It is safe to say that Amazon Virtual Private Cloud is one of the most useful and central features of AWS. Our customers configure their VPCs in a wide variety of ways, and take advantage of numerous connectivity options and gateways including AWS Direct Connect (via Direct Connect Gateways ), NAT Gateways , Internet Gateways , Egress-Only Internet Gateways , VPC Peering , AWS Managed VPN Connections , and PrivateLink .

GitHub Universe 2018: Low Key Revolutionary – James Governor’s Monkchips


GitHub Universe 2018: Low Key Revolutionary – James Governor’s Monkchips
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The 2018 DevOps RoadMap – Hacker Noon


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New – Amazon Linux WorkSpaces


Over two years ago I explained why I Love my Amazon WorkSpace . Today, with well over three years of experience under my belt, I have no reason to return to a local, non-managed desktop. I never have to worry about losing or breaking my laptop, keeping multiple working environments in sync, or planning for disruptive hardware upgrades.

A mapping (no not a Swardley thing) of On Prem, AWS and Azure Security Components


A useful one pager to compare the various security products of AWS, Azure and the usual on-prem suspects/capabilities.

via Conceptual Mapping of On-premises Infrastructure Security Components to Cloud Security Services by Adrian Grigorof CISSP, CISM, CRISC,CCSK – physical, providers, security function | Peerlyst

Terraform and dependancies


Ive been using Terraform recently to achieve some IaaS capabilities for myself quickly and easily. Its pretty neat and if you haven’t played with it yet I suggest you have a look. The main challenge i’m trying to overcome at the moment is when you want to use Terraform to add resources to an established tenancy. eg adding a VM to an existing vNet thats not managed by Terraform. While trying to get my brain around that I found this article which was very useful and worth sharing. Terraform Environment+Application Design Pattern –