New – Amazon Linux WorkSpaces


Over two years ago I explained why I Love my Amazon WorkSpace . Today, with well over three years of experience under my belt, I have no reason to return to a local, non-managed desktop. I never have to worry about losing or breaking my laptop, keeping multiple working environments in sync, or planning for disruptive hardware upgrades.


A mapping (no not a Swardley thing) of On Prem, AWS and Azure Security Components


A useful one pager to compare the various security products of AWS, Azure and the usual on-prem suspects/capabilities.

via Conceptual Mapping of On-premises Infrastructure Security Components to Cloud Security Services by Adrian Grigorof CISSP, CISM, CRISC,CCSK – physical, providers, security function | Peerlyst

Terraform and dependancies


Ive been using Terraform recently to achieve some IaaS capabilities for myself quickly and easily. Its pretty neat and if you haven’t played with it yet I suggest you have a look. The main challenge i’m trying to overcome at the moment is when you want to use Terraform to add resources to an established tenancy. eg adding a VM to an existing vNet thats not managed by Terraform. While trying to get my brain around that I found this article which was very useful and worth sharing. Terraform Environment+Application Design Pattern –

HA MultiAZ SMB Cluster on AWS


The following video was shared by @Gordypls. So HT to him.

Ive seen similar solutions to this need come and go over the years and have never found a solution that I was entirely happy with. This one looks better than other contenders. Its a 4 minute watch and feels like a reasonable solution for use on AWS.

Ive corrected the title on this video because CIFS is a legacy name now. See this.

via Qantas: Building a Highly-Available, Multi-AZ CIFS Cluster on AWS – YouTube

[SAVED] – 10 Lessons from 10 Years of AWS


Architecting and designing at Cloud Scale? Learn from this guy.

AWS have their well architected framework of course however this guy goes further than the AWS pillars and into the whys and wherefores in some detail.

via 10 Lessons from 10 Years of AWS (part 1) – Hacker Noon

An AWS Monitoring Primer


A very useful mind map of AWS monitoring capabilities, their relationships and purposes.

via AWS Monitoring Primer | cloudonaut

AWS-CLI Profile Management Made Easy – Jayway


Ive been looking for a simple widget to let me quickly configure my AWS CLI profile. No need to look any further.

. ~/._awsAliasesalias awsall=”_awsListAll”alias awsp=”_awsSwitchProfile”alias awswho=”aws configure list”

Source: AWS-CLI Profile Management Made Easy – Jayway