Reporting Damage to Australian Telco Infrastructure


I recently overheard a conversation that Dave Hall (@skwashd) was having with Telstra regarding a busted pit cover near a bus stop in his neighbourhood on Twitter.

Telstra was kind enough to reply with some useful links on how best to report this. Kudos to the Telstra SM team, they receive a lot of grief from customers all day and still come through. It takes a special type of person to stick at that job.

For normal every day reports head over to

For equipment that may contain asbestos report the problem to 1800 067 225. More information available from

Optus have a page at which can be used to report problems with their equipment.

I wasnt able to locate any information on the Vodafone or NBN pages. Suggest you try contacting them through their regular contact pages on their websites.

I’m sure there are other telcos ive missed. Happy to update this list if you have information to share.


Simon Hackett’s NBN Prediction


The following link describes Simon Hackett’s prediction for the NBN under the Liberal Party. Leaving it here for future reference.